The Surrogate PB UK | Louise Jensen

The Surrogate PB UK

Louise Jensen

מחיר: 59 ₪

מחיר בבוקנט: 53.1 ₪

קטגוריה: Fiction ספר שני ב50% הנחה 
הוצאה: Hachette UK

She can give you everything you want . . . But can you trust her?
Kat and her husband Nick have tried everything to become parents. All they want is a child to love but they are beginning to lose hope. Then a chance encounter with Kat´s childhood friend Lisa gives them one last chance. 
Kat and Lisa were once as close as sisters. The secrets they share mean their trust is for life . . . Or is it?
Just when the couple´s dream seems within reach, Kat begins to suspect she´s being watched and Nick is telling her lies. 
Are the cracks appearing in Kat´s perfect picture of the future all in her head, or should she be scared for the lives of herself and her family?
How far would you go, to protect everything you love?