Revenge, Retribution, Reconciliation | Laura Jockusch, Andreas Kraft<BR>and Kim Wunschmann

Revenge, Retribution, Reconcil

Laura Jockusch, Andreas Kraft
and Kim Wunschmann

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קטגוריה: Non Fiction 
הוצאה: מאגנס

The Martin Buber Society of Fellows explore how individuals, groups, and societies in a variety of cultural contexts, political settings, and time periods respond to the perpetration of injustices. Approaching the concepts of revenge, retribution, and reconciliation from interdisciplinary and cross-cultural perspectives, it opens a fruitful discussion among scholars of history, literature, psychology, biology, political science, communications, sociology, religious studies, law, and philosophy. The book investigates how social groups reach and maintain an equilibrium between an emotional thirst for an immediate and unmediated response to injustices and societies’ need to adjudicate measures and sanctions that seem proportional to the breech of justice.
This volume is the third in the Martin Buber Society of Fellows Notebook Series